Beer Yeast Cell Wall Powder

  • Moisture: max 7%
  • Beta-1.3/1.6-D-glucan: min 20%
  • MOS: min 17%
  • Ash: max 5%
  • Salmonela: Negative

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Product description:

– Beer yeast cell wall is a very good source of animal feed ingredients for livestock.

– The product has antibiotic effects, enhances natural resistance, improves the protective mechanism, helps improve livestock productivity, stimulates the immune system, and prevents the growth of pathogens.

Packaging specifications: Packaged in Kraft Bag, 20kgs/bag, stacked 1 ton = 50 bags/pallet

Weight of goods: Stacked material weight: 5-12 tons/container 20ft or as requested.

Previously exported countries: Japan, Korea, Taiwan.