Cashew Husk and Pellet

  • Moisture : max 12%
  • Protein : min 10%
  • Ash : 2-4%
  • Fiber : min 9%

For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries:

The cashew husk is a useful by-product of the cashew nut processing industry. It is the outer layer of the cashew nut kernel, completely separating the kernel of the cashew nut from the outermost shell. The cashew husk has a slightly red color. Cashew Husk Powder is 100% ground, milled from the husk of the cashew nut, without impurities, dust… – It is mainly used as animal feed: it is mixed with other feeds for horses, cows,… The husk contains essential oils and many nutrients good for animals, it has the effect of reducing the amount of Methane gas in the bloating of cows. – In addition, when selecting large-winged cashew husk, not taking the broken powder, the product is also exported to India to serve in the beauty industry (lipstick, dye…).

Packaging specifications:

1/ Cashew Husk Powder – State: in pieces, powder form. – Grinding size: 3mm. – Packaged in 25-50kg PP bag, Jumbo 650kg, with/without palletizing.

2/ Cashew Husk Pellet – Diameter: 8mm. – Length of the pellet: 01 – 05cm (can be adjusted as per request). – Packaged in 25-50kg PP bag, Jumbo 650kg, with/without palletizing.

Weight of goods: Cashew Husk Powder: max 19 tons/20HC, 26 tons/40HC. Cashew Husk Pellet: max 18 tons/20HC, 26 tons/40HC.