Crab Shell Powder

  • Certificate of analysis:
    – Size: 1-3mm
    – Moisture: max 12%

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Product description:
– Crab shell powder, after being separated from the crab meat, are collected, dried or sun-dried, then ground, crushed, and packaged.
– As animal feed: Crab shell powder belong to the group of foods with high mineral content to participate in the process of bone formation and other parts, an essential component for the growth of livestock. The ratio of crab shell powder used in animal feed is 1%, should not be given too much as it will cause indigestion in livestock.
– As fertilizer: Crab shell powder are also used as organic fertilizer to help plants grow and develop better.


Packaging specifications: Packaged in PP bag, 25-50kgs/bag or as requested.

Weight of goods: 17-18 tons/20DC, 26 tons/40HC