Crushed Corn Cob Block and Pellet

  •  Grain sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 12mm,…
  • Moisture: max 13%.
  • No mold, no pesticides.
  • Length of the pellet: 01 – 05cm.

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– The corn cob is a by-product obtained after separating the corn kernels. It is collected, removed impurities, dried, crush into required grain sizes, and pressed into blocks.
– High fiber content is suitable for ruminants such as buffalo, cows, horses…
– It can be combined with other energy and protein-rich ingredients such as molasses, cassava flour, cotton seeds, peanut residue… to stimulate the appetite of the livestock.
– In addition, crushed corn cob combined with some other ingredients creates an ideal environment for mushroom cultivation, helping the mushrooms grow quickly and be rich in nutrients.


Packaging specifications: PP 20kg, PP 30kg, Jumbo 600kg.

Weight of goods: 25.200 – 26.400kg / 40HC