Dried corn silage

  • Protein: min 12%.
  • Moisture: max 12%.
  • Fiber: min 18%.
  • pH: max 5%.
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After being grown for a period of 90-110 days, corn is harvested. Then the whole plant, including the corn stalk, leaves, husk, cob, and corn kernel, is chopped and fermented in a pit. The additives used for fermentation are sugar molasses or sourdough yeast. Fermentation time: 45 days in summer and 55 days in winter. After the fermentation period, the product is sun-dried, then dried and packaged. The product is suitable as animal feed for ruminants such as dairy cows.


Pressed into packages, each package weighs from 450~460 Kgs, wrapped in Jumbo bags

25 tons/40HC (52 bags).