Pine Wood Sawdust

– Grain sizes: 01 ÷ 5 mm.
– Moisture: max 15%.
– Powder: max 5%.
– Foreign matter: max 1%.
– No molds, salt, speckles, chemicals, polluted stuff.


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– Pine Wood Sawdust is purchased from pine wood exploitation and processing facilities. After being brought back to the factory, the pine wood sawdust is sieved to remove impurities, dried, and compressed into blocks.
– Pine Wood Sawdust is used to spread the cages, bedding for livestock to excrete urine and feces, then used as fertilizer for plants helping them grow faster and healthier.
– Used as a thermal pad in winter for livestock.
– In addition, Pine Wood Sawdust can be used for mushroom cultivation, as fuel…


Packaging specifications: Compressed into blocks, 10-30 kg/ block, packed in Jumbo bags

Weight of goods: 25-26 tons/40HC.