Scallop Shell Powder

  • Size: 1mm
  • Moisture: 0,64%
  • Calcium: 37,7%
  • Escherichia cloi & Salmonella spp: Not detected

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Product description:

– Scallop shell powder contains many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, amino acids, and phosphorus, as well as other notable substances such as chitosan and collagen extracts. – As animal feed: it is used very well for poultry during the egg-laying stage, and livestock during the bone development process.

– As fertilizer: because of its insoluble properties, scallop shell powder will dissolve slowly due to rainwater + CO2 or plant roots secreting H+ to exchange for Ca++ into the root zone to reduce acidity, from which the plant will absorb gradually.


Packaging specifications: Packaged in PP bag, 50kgs/bag or as requested

Weight of goods: 26 tons/40HC

Previously exported countries: Japan, China.