Wheat Bran Pollard

  • Appearance: Uniform ivory white or bright yellow.
  • Smell: Sweet aroma of wheat, no sour, moldy, or strange odors.
  • Fineness: min 95% passes through a 2mm sieve.
  • Foreign matter: max 2%.
  • No infestation of worms and living insects.
  • Crude protein: min 12%.
  • Ash: max 6%.
  • Moisture: 14%.

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Product description:

– Wheat bran is one of the three layers that make up a wheat grain. Wheat bran is produced during the milling process. In the past, wheat bran was considered a byproduct and was often discarded. However, wheat bran is rich in plant compounds, minerals, and is an excellent source of fiber. – Wheat bran has a pleasant aroma and sweet taste, which can easily stimulate the appetite and increase the feed intake of livestock and aquatic animals.

– Depending on the purpose of use and target livestock, as well as the stage of development, wheat bran needs to be included in the diet of livestock according to different formulas. Preservation methods also need to be emphasized because wheat bran is a product that is easily infested with insects if not stored properly.

Packaging specifications:

– In 50kg PP bag.

– In 600kg/Jumbo bag.

Weight of goods: 25.000-26.500kg/40HC.